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"The Pointless Memory"

Years ago, a little bit before Jupiter suddenly increased in size 100 times over and became a second sun, and ages before you and your mother slowly starved to death in the chaos that followed the nuclear attacks, you remember your first trip into the city.

The towering buildings and glittering lights filled you with a sense of wonder that you often struggled to put into words… but you could feel it inside of you when you imagine the millions of lives that lived and breathed and created this world, and how you can barely fathom it but also somehow understand it at the same time.    

The world felt so much bigger than you had assumed, and deeper, with limitless possibilities…

When you watch the life fade from your mother’s eyes as she succumbs to the painful combination of starvation and radiation poisoning, you won’t have heard that the city was burned to the ground and evaporated into dust… but it probably wouldn’t have changed anything.  You hadn’t thought about that memory in forever.

All of it doesn’t really matter anymore.

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                                   ☾ Calming Chant ☽

I am peaceful, I am strong

Though dark may seem so long. 

For fay must follow every night,

Everything is alright.

I am always safe from harm,

The goddess holds me in her arms.

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